Camera Viewing Services for Parents

We live in a digital age packed with smart devices and ever changing technology. At HOME TRIBE, we aim to translate technology into safety.

Each provider has the ability to opt in to providing in home camera services for parents who need childcare. This is an added level of comfort and security that providers can give to parents.

If you aren’t familiar with in home camera services, here is a run down of the most user friendly and affordable camera systems on the market:

Blink (System by Amazon)

Indoor Camera Price: $69 each, $140 for two, or $189.99 for three

Monthly Subscription: Free

How HOME TRIBE Uses Blink:

We simply place 2-3 indoor cameras in the rooms that we will be using for in home childcare.

We give parents access to the in home cameras with a password during childcare hours.

Viewing Directions:

  • Both families agree to username/password

  • Free Blink App is downloaded

  • Username and password is put in

  • The viewing begins!

At the end of the day, the provider simply turns the cameras off when children go home.

Blink can be connected to Amazon Alexa devices. It can also integrate with hundreds of smart home devices and sensors including Nest thermostats.

We recommend Blink as the most cost effective and user friendly camera on the market, however, if you already have an at home monitoring system, you can look at these options below.


Indoor Camera Price: $38 each

Monthly Subscription: $10/month

The Ring system is an all in one home alarm and indoor/outdoor camera system that works much like the Blink system. Just plug in the camera, download the app, and share your user and password!

Until next time,