Background Checks and Safety Classes

HOME TRIBE was created on the foundation of putting safety first. In order to be accepted into our community, our providers must go through a Nationwide background check, Trustline Certification, and Pediatric CPR and First Aid Certification course.

Trustline Certification

Trustline was created as the “Golden Standard” for California background checking. It is the only background check authorized by state law to use three databases that the general public, including private investigators and private background check companies, cannot access. These databases include:

  • The fingerprint records from the California Department of Justice’s California Criminal History System

  • The Child Abuse Central Index of California

  • The fingerprint records of the FBI Criminal History System

How it Works

TrustLine is easy to use for parents and providers. Applicants complete a one-page form, which requires submitting fingerprints and a one-time fee of approximately $124.00 for each adult in the home, to the Department of Social Services. If applicants pass the background check they are listed on the TrustLine database.

Providers go to: How To Apply to obtain information about applying.

Trustline Website:

Nationwide Background Check

In addition to the extensive California check, we also require each provider to have a national offender background check. It costs $24 for a basic search for each adult in the home.

This background check covers :

  • Over 300 million national criminal records searched

  • Social Security Number trace

  • National Sex Offender Registry search

For more info, you can go to

Pediatric CPR and First Aid Certification

Every parent provider in our community must also be Pediatric CPR and First Aid Certified. Pediatric CPR is required by the State of California and the Cal EMSA for all childcare providers, along with pediatric First Aid. The 2-year certification will come with a CPR/AED and First Aid card, along with the required provider sticker from Cal EMSA.

A local CPR/First Aid Course search will pull out the best recommended facilities to find classes in your area. Courses are a total of approx. 4 hours long, and cost approx. $65.

In Redding you can go to:

Kiser CPR and First Aid

Be sure to sign up for the Pediatric course.

If you are out of the Redding Area, search on:

The American Red Cross

Our providers invest about $300-$360 for these safety checks so that trust and safety is the #1 priority. The investment of time and money into safety proves that each provider is dedicated to providing outstanding childcare options for each family in need of care.

Safety First!